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[006] [10 Nov 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

((Nate walked into his penthouse. He looked around and saw Taylor with a million shopping bags))

"So, already into the shopping?" he said

"Yeah, its so amazing here, I went with Rain and Georgie, they are so cool"

"Yeah they are pretty cool"

((He went upstairs and and quickly had a shower, then he went and changed into his jeans and abercrombie T-Shirt. Before he went back downstairs, he updated hsi journal))

So anyway I have cooled down since last time i wrote in here. Blair and I aren't really speaking at the moment. I mean we both have to get over it right? Also at the Halloween party I hooked up with Rain. I know we were both drunk and all and somehow i feel bad. I don't know how she feels about me and I don't even know how i feel about her.

I also bumped into Aaron today, he liked cracked it at me when I asked him if he liked Rain, it was so weird. They will probably hook up because I think Rain is angry at me, and I know Aaron likes her. Ugh I am so confused its annoying.

Also my cousin from Cali came down to live with me- her name is Taylor Pierson. Shes quite slutty and shes also bisexual which is pretty cool I guess. Shes already made friends with my friends except Blair, whom she hates. Anyway i better get going.

((With that Nate hit update. He logged off and put his hands in his head, he felt like going out tonight, maybe someone would come))

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[006] [30 Oct 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

((Nate walked into his penthouse after the party...alone. His parents were at some stupid benefit like always so like always he had the house to himself, he didnt really feel like sleeping. He walked to the kitchen opened the fridge and started eating some leftover macaroni. He went to the bar and grabbed a beer. He headed upstairs to his plasma in his room to see if there was any good television on. There wasnt. He looked around his room and saw his computer. He walked over to update his journal))

The rumors are true. Blair, Blair who is supposed to be my loyal, trusting girlfriend went and fucked HAYDEN. I mean what is that? How long did I have to wait til i slept with her? Like 3 years and she just does him the next day after we did it. I mean our relationship wasnt even suffering at the time.

Sometimes I dont understand girls, I may have yelled a bit too much tonight but she deserved it. I mean when i cheated on her with Jenny (and it was only Jenny) our relationship was bound to be braking up anyway. I just dont know why she would do this to me.

Anyway The rest of the party was great. Thumbs up to Georgie and Rain for it, even though I didnt see Rain that much but Georgie was fun to hang around with. Actually I might go back to the party, I know its still going and hopefull Blair want be there.

((With that Nate hit 'update'. He decided though that he would change clothes before heading back, being a pirate was fun, but it was a bit humiliating too. He grabbed his wallet and phone and hailed down a cab when he got outside))

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[005] [23 Oct 2004|01:47pm]
[ mood | okay ]

((Nate woke up lately on that Saturday morning, last night he went out with the boys and did shots. It was just what he needed. He also stayed in and was doing his homework more ofter, which was unusual for him. He hadn't been out out for ages, and apparently Flow was having a party so he decided he should probably go. He hadn't confronted Blair about the whole Hayden thing and he really didn't want to. He looked over at his computer and thought it was time to update his journal))

So I know I haven't been active lately. Surprisingly i have been catching up on schoolwork. I mean if I want to get into the colleges i applied for I have to at least try. This means I haven't been out socially for awhile apart from shots with the boys which doesn't really count.

I haven't confronted Blair about my suspicions and I don't think I will unless I hear more of it or worse see anything. I mean i should trust her right? She wouldn't ever do that to me, I think.

Anyway Flow is having a party so I might pop in and see whats happening there. I need to get out of this house because I am going insane. I hope some of my friends will be there- especially the ones that get me to have fun ;) Okay well i better get ready.

((With that nate hit 'update' and reached for his cell to see if Blair was going tonight but stopped. It wouldn't really bother him if she came or didn't so he left it there, and headed for the shower))

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[004] [15 Oct 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

((Nate came back home from the Tribeca Star after havind drinks with Jeremy, Anthony and Charlie. He really needed to take his mind off things, and having drinks with mates was just the right thing. His parents weren't home as per usual and he couldn't hear any of the staff, he was feeling a little tired and decided he would just probably go to bed. He walked up to his bedroom, then saw his computer so he before he went to bed he decided to update his journal))

Well today I was at Central Park doing nothing, just wanting to get out of the house, when Rain came and we talked and hate some fun, shes a great girl. Anyway then more people came including Blair which is great because she is my girlfriend and all however she seemed very mysterious but i overlooked that.

However later on Kati at the park came and told me that she THOUGHT but didn't know if Blair was seeing Hayden. What the fuck does that mean? I trust Blair completely so I am very curious as to why Kati said it, and a TINY bit of me believes her but the rest is telling me that she is crazy. I think I'll she sleep this off and hopefully in the morning I'll hear no more of it.

((With that, Nate updated his journal and turned off his computer. He changed into his boxers and tried to fall asleep but he couldn't so he just turned on his plasma and watched TV, hopefully he could fall asleep soon))

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[003] [09 Oct 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

((Nate had just arrived home after spending the night with Blair, and drum roll please.... They finally had done it. This happened after Kati Farkas threw one of her infamous parties which there were lots of surprises. Nate had Lacrosse practice soon, but before he did anything he decided to update hi journal before showering and changing clothes))

I finally DID it with Blair! I mean we had been waiting basically all our lives and then we finally did it. I thought it wasn't going to happen earlier on in the night because Blair and this Hayden guy were all over eachother. But it turns out I was wrong. The party was good- had a great time with Rain and Kati. Funnily enough Rain kissed but she was off her head. Luckily i wasn't too drunk so I could pull away I mean I have a girlfriend now, whom I adore.

I am thinking of throwing a party soon. And its going to have everything. Ill probably get like Kati, Blair and others to plan it as I am shit at that job but otherwise yeah. Anyway I have Lax now and I gotta go. Love you all.

((With that Nate updated his journal and undressed getting ready for his shower. Finally things were looking up a bit))

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[002] [03 Oct 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | okay ]

((Nate returned home after just having coffee at Starbucks with Chuck. Most people hated Chuck but Nate didn't mind him that much. Nate noticed some of his favourite brownies that his cook made on the kitchen bench, so he walked over and grabbed two of them. Surprisingly Nate's mom was home but unsurprisingly  she was on the phone, probably talking to Blair or Serena's mom. Thats all the Upper East middle aged women did. He walked upstairs using the outside entrance and walked into his room. He chucked his duffel bag on his bed and headed over to his computer))

Well Great News, you know how i was saying I really wanted Blair, well my wish was commanded. At that party I went to the other night she was their and we both did some harmless flirting and then we kissed. I mean it felt great and exciting, I know i sound like a dickhead but i don't know what else to write.

So anyway I also saw Georgie at the party, and its all cool between us, I mean we had some great fun, she's just so cool about those things, she didn't even care about the way we ended things.

Also Issy Coates was acting so weird, she said someone liked me and she was dropping hints but didn't tell me, and it wasn't Blair, but hey I'm used to people liking me. Oh and Kati and I had a pot competition it was pretty funny. Anyway I think i have to go out with my parents tonight, Suprise there! I mean don't they have a benefit to attend, it's weird they have time for me!

((Nate checked his emails, he deleted all of them as they were basically junk and not ones that appealed to him. After logging off his computer he decided to have a shower and start getting ready for dinner, I mean his parents would want him to look his best, which for Nate wasn't that hard.))

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[001] [27 Sep 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | awake ]

((Nate walked into his room after a training session for Lacrosse. He was recently awarded the position of captain and now had many responsibilities. He rubbed his forehead. He walked over towards his computer but before he did he checked his cellphone hoping to see a missed call from a certain girl but no luck. He went over to his ibook and opened it up he decided to update his online journal and introduce himself to the world.))

My name is Nathanial Archibald, but everyone calls me Nate, Natie etc. Ummmm I am a seventeen year old guy who live is New York City on the upper east side. I go to St Jude's and am Lax captain.  Recently i have been trying to get my eye on Blair because its been to long and i guess i miss her, she was the one i wanted all along anyway. I should tell you some history, I use to go out with Blair but i cheated on her with this 14 year old- Jenny whom i didn't really like but i guess i needed a break. After i broke up with Jenny I tried to get back with Blair but she rejected me. I went to Rehab because i was caught doing drugs and met Geogie there, we hit it off but then i found out how crazy she was! Well i better go shower cause i just got home but i will update soon to tell you the gossip.

((With that Nate logged off and headed towards his ensuite but checked his cell again- Nothing new. Maybe he was the one who had to make the first move maybe he was the one to make the call, he picked up the phone and scratched his head, should her, or shouldn't he?...))

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